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Sainc Biorefineries, through Sainc Energy,  is  a developer of renewable ENERGY AND LIQUID FUELS , and so help developing environmentally friendly and sustainable energy autonomy for small sized local communities and helping in their sustainability as communities.

The need for fuel is growing. Liquid fuel is needed particularly in the transportation of which aviation is a very important part. Our renewable technologies are targeted to reduce the need of fossil fuel whilst maintaining the essential transportation infrastructure. The airline industry eg (ICAO) has committed to carbon-neutral growth by 2020 and 50% reduction in emissions by 2050. Incremental operational efficiencies will go a small way towards meeting these targets but a hugely increased supply of biojet will be needed if they are to be met.

Using our technology, renewable fuels can be made from abundant reserves of biomass feedstock. Feedstock comes from sustainable non food chain sources available in areas that have not seen the benefits of the energy revolutions of the past.

In addition to biofuels, our technology will also produce intermediate platform chemicals for the vital chemicals needed in everyday life. All of these are currently being produced from fossil fuels. but we will provide the green basis for these chemicals.

Our  driving force forward

We have focused our attention on our 4Es


  • Expertise - society oriented and market ready products

  • Experimentation  - Attract new partners 

  • Education - Attract small research based groups in leading universities worldwide

  • Entrepreurship - Project Management, Business Development support, Extensive network

    It's that simple.