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  • FOUNDER OF SAINC GROUP -DEVELOPERS OF SAINC CLEAN AND  RENEWABLE ENERGY. The Sainc group was launched in 2013. Prior to that Kamaljit had experience in coal power plants in India from 2008. He moved back to London in 2010 and continued his consultancy in clean power. 

  • After graduating in Physics in 1969 from Imperial College London, after stints in graduate schools at Syracuse and Texas University, Kamaljit returned back to London where he obtained his M.Phil in mathematical physics from London University (Kings College)

  • Since, he has worked at Westinghouse Nuclear Europe in Brussels and Electronic Associates Inc (Brussels - hybrid computing) before embarking on a career of entrepreneurship in trading and finance.

  • In 1993, he launched a publishing company, Wimbledon Publishing Company,whilst all the time working honing skills in Energy.

Kamaljit is strongly committed to creative innovation in technology for the  the service  of local communities. His commitment to biorefineries is one manifestation of such a commitment.

Michael Boot


Michael Boot received his MSc. and PhD. degree from the Department of Mechanical Engineering of Eindhoven University of Technology in 2005 and 2010, respectively. Both degrees were obtained in the field of Combustion Technology. In 2009, Michael co-founded Progression-Industry BV to commercialize various automotive technologies in the domains of waste energy recovery and biofuels. Parallel to these entrepreneurial activities, Michael started a scientific career, first as a part-time assistant professor / innovation manager in 2010 and later as Fellow in 2016 (to date) at the same University. In 2012, Michael co-founded Progression Capital as an investment vehicle geared towards young, automotive oriented startups. Our current participations include a supercar / yacht design studio and turbo-machinery B2C startup. In 2016, Michael obtained an executive MBA from TIAS Business School with a final thesis on blue ocean product-market strategy. As of May 2017, Michael left Progression Industry / Capital to start a NewCo, Vertoro BV, which has the more upstream ambition of becoming this century's (bio-) oil baron.

Panos Kouris

Panos Kouris holds a BSc. and a MEng in Chemical Engineering, from the Department of Chemical Engineering of the University of Patras in Greece. During this period, he investigated and developed a new process for the polyphenols recovery and methane production from olive oil mill wastewaters. In 2015, he obtained his MSc. in Process Engineering from the Department of Chemical Engineering and Chemistry of Eindhoven University of Technology, where he investigated a new process for the recovery of useful components from biomass waste streams by using Deep Eutectic Solvents (DES). Currently, he is a PhD candidate (TU/e) and work package leader (InSciTe) under the supervision of Professor Emiel Hensen and Dr. Michael Boot, where he investigates the development of a new generation of liquid biofuels from lignin and the construction of the world’s first multifunctional pilot plant for lignocellulosic biomass conversion.

Panos owns, together with Michael Boot, the start-up company Vertoro. The goal of Vertoro is to scale up the production of Crude Lignin Oil. As the Chief Technology Officer, Panos is responsible for all the technology decisions in the company.

Panos has an interest in circular and bio-based economy and his personal goal is to develop and manufacture new products and processes for the benefit of mankind.

Pedro Luis


As the owner of Urva Fluidos, Pedro has had long experience of developing, constructing, designing and maintaining oil refineries and the plant in the mining industry in Andalusia. Besides his company has other exclusive maintenance of plant such Coca Cola and others[1] .


Pedro is a keen golfer and leads an annual golfing challenge in Spain for the executivbes of major oil

Rafael Leon

  • CHIEF ENGINEER - PROJECT DESIGN -Chemical Process Engineer:


Over 15 years experience as a Chemical Process Engineer.

Provide process engineering consultancy and feasibility studies for clients.


Develop Engineering and operating standards to achieve appropriate quality to meet the clients objectives.


Developing new business.


Undertake and review Process Engineering Design:


- Design and specification of systems, such as: waste treatment plants, pressure vessels, heat exchangers, pump, valve, piping, etc


- Production of deliverables such as Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs), data sheets and procurement specifications and electrical specifications


- Involvement in all design stages from identification of stakeholder requirements, generating, assessing options, Concept, Scheme, Front End, Detailed Design, design substantiation and verification and validation and installation and commissioning and operating documents.


- Provision of key inputs to reviews including: design, quality, safety and environmental assessments and critical review, checking, verification and approval of in-house and third party designs


- Simulation of process with commercial software packages, such as: ASPEN packages, MONTECARLO, some CFDs, etc.

Javier Rodrigues Estacio

  • PARTNER - DOGMA ABOGADO - Our Legal and Financial markets expert

Dogma Abogados, a company specializing in legal, fiscal and financial advisory services. Today we are dedicated to the representation and advice of companies and people of any size and activity. Dogma Abogados provides a comprehensive advisory service to companies and public and private bodies of the economic sectors of the energy industry, real estate and construction, hospitality, health and academic training, which develop their activity both nationally and internationally, counting with collaboration agreements with other foreign professional firms. Similarly, we are specialists in comprehensive advice to athletes, artists and representatives of the sector.


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