OUR Vision


To quickly become a material producer of renewable fuels with near term primary focus in the European market. 


To achieve this vision, it is vital to have the best team talent in the lead. This is a focus of our project. 


1. Business model
We initiate and drive the development of biorefineries from concept to full operations. By taking the lead in projects, we reduce delivery risk and accelerate growth. We plan to convert some or all of our equity stakes in the development (or project) company into equity in the operating plants. We also expect ongoing revenues from technology supply, service contracts and the licensing of our technology

2. Leverage capabilities
We work seamlessly with our partners to deliver modular, fully integrated, financeable, cost-effective and operations-ready biorefineries. Using Sainc’s creative financial packaging skills, engineering and operational expertise as well as our proprietary technology, we continuously improve our complete offering.

3. Strategic partnerships
Our alliances, including manufacturing,, product offtake and feedstock supply, are with strategic partners that have the resources, scale and capabilities to access large, high value markets at pace. In addition, our alliances have strong connections with national laboratories, university-industry partnerships, research to develier to us the market leading technologies and also to bid for development grants that EU and the US government supplies aplenty for these market leading technology developments.

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